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Machine tools and machining centers retrofitting and inspections

We know them, we have been using them for years, we know how these machines have been treated but they are no longer up to date and sometimes it´s too expensive to replace them.
These machine tools still represent an important asset in your company. Retrofit them!

About retrofitting

Retrofitting is a complex procedure of machine regeneration, that allows your machine to earn back it´s efficiency and performance, all this at relatively low cost. In this way your company can get back its competitiveness.
Atlem & Valtec has always proposed inspections or retrofitting for every machine tool, both conventional and with NC. Our team, composed by high-qualified technicians, with a state-of-the-art equipment, accomplishes many activities, according to the retrofitting level or to the machine tool inspection required by customer. Mechanical reconstruction, restoration or substitution of elements such as drives, axes or spindles, electrical and water systems restoration, paints, numerical control upgrade and PLC..all of these acrivities are executed by only one company, ours!
The purpose of these activities is to improve the performances of these machines with the objective to increase competitiveness and efficiency.

Rely on us, the guarantee provided and CE marking on our works are quality index. We are able to integrate water filtration and oil/mist extraction systems, high pressure systems from tool center, probe systems M&H and other essential accessories to be competitive.

Advantages of machine tools retrofitting

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